TracPipe® solution for France

    Quick – easy – safe ATG-PLT 002 certified installation

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    Create single-piece gas couplings and connections quickly and easily without the need for any special tools: the Tracpipe® concept reflects the traditional values of Banides & Debeaurain.

    An effective alternative to traditional gas connection technologies, the Tracpipe® PLT Kit distributed in France exclusively by BANIDES & DEBEAURAIN consists of a flexible corrugated stainless steel pipe and special TracPipe® connectors.

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    Since no special tools, soldering or welding are required for their installation, it makes single-piece connections possible (fewer connectors), thus reducing the risk of leaks. Ideal for French working practices (M/F flat meter joint/flat gas joint service stub in accordance with NF E 29-532 and NF EN 10226-1), it is made gas-tight using a stable metal/metal system which is also used for tapered spherical joint connectors.

    The Tracpipe® PLT pipe can be bent by hand, is easy to work, and can be adapted to the complex geometries of gas installations. Available in reels from DN 10 to DN 50 (30 to 90 metres long) and thus easy to transport, it reduces installation times by up to 60%.

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    Certificate ATG-PLT 002 on demand 02 35 86 05 00 or per email :

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