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Gas distribution, from mains to private installations

    siegeBD_miniA major player in the gas sector for more than 80 years, BANIDES & DEBEAURAIN has become a leading partner in gas fittings, with one of the most extensive ranges on the market, for applications ranging from pre-meter buried and above-ground mains to post-meter domestic, industrial and commercial installations supplied with natural gas, butane and propane.
      The longevity and financial solidity of our family company is based partly on its ability to innovate while always complying with regulations.

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      Constantly searching for innovative, practical gas solutions, all BANIDES & DEBEAURAIN's teams work together to devise solutions and services that meet the real needs of the industry: simplicity, design, time savings, financial savings, technical and sales support.
    The BANIDES range of gas products for the French and international markets are divided into 4 main families (see illustration below):
      "PRIVATE" GAS SOLUTIONS (post-meter)
    • Natural gas installations: valves, connectors, hoses and connections required for heating and cooking installations
    • Butane propane installations : valves, pressure reducing valves, kits and accessories for installations using LPG in bottles and tanks
    Banides Know-how

    Expertise, in-depth knowledge of materials and innovation

    CIMG1212To design products that are ever safer and more practical, BANIDES & DEBEAURAIN has developed wide-ranging expertise in working with materials (brass, copper, steel, plastic) and their assembly (metal/plastic, copper/steel, etc. connections).
      To meet the new requirements of the pre-meter market which is moving away from using brass fittings towards polyethylene solutions, BANIDES & DEBEAURAIN has not hesitated to take a fresh look at things and reorganise its industrial facilities, investing in a plastic injection moulding workshop in 1994.
      CIMG1211Since ensuring the safety of gas mains is one of the priorities of energy distributors, BANIDES has, over the years, developed a solid body of expertise in the field of safety, with the design of excess flow valves for new and existing polyethylene mains.
      For several years BANIDES & DEBEAURAIN has also been marketing a new mechanical clamping connector for PE that does not require the use of a torque wrench. It also totally redesigned its Butane Propane range in 2003 in order to respond more precisely to market requirements.
      And because the day-to-day use of our products involves their optimum integration in the user's environment, BANIDES & DEBEAURAIN offers in a chromium-plated Platinum® version with sophisticated, ergonomic design its Safety valve and Robiflex® specifically for connecting cooking appliances.
      In line with it's aim of simplifying gas installations and complying with safety standards, BANIDES & DEBEAURAIN has been offering the Tracpipe® PLT connection concept, since 2009. This is a flexible system which keeps its shape, and is sold in the form of "kits" consisting of the corrugated stainless steel PLT pipe and the associated connectors. This concept is certified ATG-PLT 002 (see certificate on product data sheet).

    The "Banides" quality commitment

      BANIDES & DEBEAURAIN has been "ISO 9001" certified since 1989 and has boasted « ISO 9001 version 2008 » depuis 2010, The company has an increasingly stringent quality policy, which includes the establishment of its own certification laboratory, thus enabling it to carry out independent tests whose results are recognised in the context of NF certification. The company is continuing its quality control work and developing a more rigorous traceability system for its products.
        To ensure its products are of the very highest quality, BANIDES & DEBEAURAIN has implemented a quality control process during each manufacturing stage and has purchased sophisticated testing tools (3D spectrometer, M.F.R., hydrostatic tank, etc.).
        Most BD products carry Certigaz NF certification and authorised for use by Gaz de France.

        Our action for environment

        BANIDES extends its quality approach initiated in 1987 by getting involved in an environmental action so as to get medium-term a ISO 14 001 certification (Environment Management System) in 2011 maximum in collaboration with EMERIT.

        Moreover, BANIDES has implemented a Quality – Safety – Environment Policy which aims at improving quality, company organization, safety and controlling better its impact on environment.

        Read our QSE Politicy.

      International presence

      Constantly on the look-out for new opportunities for growth, BANIDES & DEBEAURAIN has set up two new facilities in Algeria from 2006 onwards:
      • BANIDES & DEBEAURAIN SARL : manufacture, assembly, marketing and sales of all types of fluid control devices
      • International-position_miniBANIDES DISTRIBUTION SARL : import, marketing, distribution and sales of all types of fluid control devices
        BANIDES & DEBEAURAIN, via its BANIDES DISTRIBUTION activity in Alger, also distributes an exclusive new gas range suitable for the local market under the SURGAZ® brand name:
      • Invoicing in dinars
      • Availability of products from stock
      • Exports to the French market
      • Quality level conforming to Gaz de France requirements
      • Products directly benefiting from Banides expertise
        "BANIDES" quality, well-known for more than 80 years, is exported to more than 30 countries. Click on the map to enlarge it.


      1928 – 1980 Establishment of Banides & Debeaurain and growth of the company in partnership with Gaz de France
      1928 Creation by Lucien Banides of a copper and bronze foundry specialising in the manufacture of gas and water fittings and copperware
      1947 Partnership between Lucien Banides and his son-in-law Jacques Debeaurain to create Etablissements Banides & Debeaurain
      1950 Relocation to a new factory at Tréport (current site)
      1950-1960 Development of the company during the French reconstruction effort and in particular that of the gas distribution network by Gaz de France
      • 2nd stage of development with the arrival of natural gas in France (GRONINGEN and LACQ)
      • Conversion from manufactured gas to natural gas
      • Specialisation by the company in the manufacture of fittings for gas distribution
      • Start of exports to Belgium, Algeria, Tunisia, etc.
      1980 – 2000 Leadership, international development and diversification into plastics
      1980 Banides & Debeaurain is the market leader in France, with a 50% market share (pre and post-meter)
      1984 Establishment of a dynamic strategy to develop BD's international presence
      1987 ISO 9001 certification of the company
      • Retirement of the company's co-founder, Jacques Debeaurain, replaced by his son Jean-Luc Debeaurain
      • Creation of a plastic injection moulding workshop
      2000 Export accounts for 20% of sales, with a presence in 30 countries
      2000 – aujourd’hui Industrial restructuring, development in Algeria and extension of the range
      • European standardisation of products is essential
      • Concentration on the company's core business: gas valves and fittings
      • Reorganisation of customer relations and industrial repositioning to cater for the need of two different types of customer: gas operators, including Gaz de France (special products), and wholesalers (standard products)
      2003 BANIDES extends its product portfolio to include a full range of LPG fittings and pressure reducing products to professional distribution outlets
      • ISO 9001 version 2000 quality certification of the company
      • Investment in the in-house test and inspection laboratory
      • Purpose: recognised NF label laboratory (NF gas fittings and NF PE accessories)
      2006 Creation of 2 new operations in Algeria:
      • Banides et Debeaurain Sarl: manufacture, assembly, marketing and trade
      • Banides Distribution Sarl: import, marketing, distribution and trade
      2009 In addition to gas valves and connectors, BD extends it range of products to include gas connection devices: the company starts to market the new generation of stainless steel flexible corrugated piping, known as the Tracpipe® PLT kit, in France, in partnership with the world leader, OmegaFlex Ltd. This technology enables professionals to create safe installations more quickly and easily than with traditional solutions. Once again, BD is at the leading edge of innovation in the gas market.
    • BANIDES gets the ISO 9001 : 2008 certification
    • Launching of new recyclable packagings, in particular for gas flexible hoses (abandonment of plastic packaging)