BD STOP® excess flow valve to make gas networks safer

BD STOP® excess flow valve to make gas networks safer

Excess flow valve ensuring gas flow interruption downstream. Operating pressure : up to 4 bar. Certification : EN 549 et NF T 54-065, -066, -079 certified.

    Technical specifications :
  • Principle : the BD-STOP device stops the gas flow downstream in case of an excessive flow caused by a dammage or by the fusion of a connection..
  • Mounting position : horizontal, working at + or - 45 degrees.
  • Material : refill and components made of polyacetal, stainless steel spring, joints made in NBR.
  • Calibration protection : Calibration adjusting mechanism totally protected from dust..
  • Backwards flow : No mechanism damage following a potential opposite flow.
  • Colour : Light colour in order to detect easily the presence of the safety device.

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Description Calibre Ø PE Reference
BD STOP excess flow valve 20 PE 25 05100020
BD STOP excess flow valve 25 PE 32 05100032

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